About Us

A*I Jewellery is a unique, thoughtfully devised an online platform with the intent of showcasing the brilliance of our craftsmanship to a comprehensive range of consumers. Based in Melbourne, we aim to display the beauty and allure of handmade Balinese jewellery for you, our audience. Our products are ethically, carefully curated and constructed to deliver the highest level of quality from our silversmiths to you.

Our jewellery can be worn for a special night, or everyday use. We offer a wide range of choices to suit any occasion. As for our quality, all of our products are created with authentic Sterling Silver and we aim to provide you with the highest quality and variety of gemstones.

Originally a family business first started in Bali, A*I Jewellery has spent generations perfecting our craft over generations. After many years of experience creating a multitude of products, we aim to spread our personal creations across Australia as to showcase the artistry of handmade Balinese Jewellery.